In November 2013 she was to Licensed Lay Ministry within the Oxford Diocese at a service at Christchurch Cathedral, Oxford.

She had begun to wonder whether God was calling me to some form of ministry a few years earlier, along with a desire to study the Bible in more depth.
In 2011, she began attending courses run by the Diocese for ‘interested learners’, and those seeking to discover their vocation. She found these, on the whole, stimulating and thought provoking. She had the opportunity to meet with other Christians from other churches, and with different views on many topics, but all with a desire to follow Christ.

She was a little surprised when she realized that she thought God may be calling me to Lay Ministry, as there is no Lay Ministers at St Paul’s for many years.

She also remember an incident driving to church one Sunday evening, listening to The Shipping Forecast on Radio 4 (try it sometime!). She was struck by how familiar this was, but she hadn’t a clue what it all meant. She then realized that for many people the Bible is like that – familiar comforting words, but with no idea how to apply it to their situation. She realized that God was encouraging her to continue studying so that she could use my gifts to explain the Bible to people.

Please continue to pray for her, (and give her feedback!), to help her continue to be faithful to God’s calling, and to find time to read and listen to God.