From an historical point of view the office of Churchwarden dates from the 13th Century, and is one of the earliest forms of recognized lay ministry.


The primary function at that time seems to have been that of taking care of the Church building and its contents, including the responsibility of providing for the repairs of the nave, and of furnishing the utensils for divine service.


The Churchwardens had custody or guardianship of the fabric and furniture of the church, and even today, they are the legal guardians of the church’s moveable goods, such as moveable furniture, plates and ornaments. They are required to keep an accurate, up-to-date inventory of these items. In the course of time other duties were added, and Churchwardens became regarded in some respects as the local officers of the Bishop of the diocese, responsible to him for the proper carrying out of their responsibilities.


Throughout their long history, Churchwardens have provided an excellent example of the advantages of lay participation in the life and work of a parish. In modern day terms, whilst the Churchwardens still undertake a lot of their historical responsibilities, our main priorities are to oversee the maintenance, facilities, services and general infrastructure of the church as well as advise and support our Vicar and other key members to ensure the best interests of the church and it’s congregation are always maintained to the best of our abilities.



Kevin-Pic1iKevin Isles (Church Warden)

Kevin has been a member of St Paul’s for over 23 years and regards “the church” as his extended family, a “place” where he receives teaching and challenge, and where he can give and receive spiritual and emotional encouragement. Church is where, together, we explore and discover what God would have us do in Slough, and then get on with it.


Kevin is a fairly practical individual, he has spent 33 years plus working in the gas industry, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Chartered Gas / Mechanical Engineer and has just qualified as a Chartered Safety and Health practitioner.  So all this is quite a helpful background for supporting the facilities, the “nuts and bolts” and practical aspects of the mission of the church. Kevin sees himself as an enabler”! “As it happens Kevin has previous experience in the role, having had a seven year stint as Churchwarden some six years back.


Kevin is married to Christine (yes they sometimes get to sit together at church) and have two grown up “boys” Richard and Andrew, and they live in Langley. Kevin might be involved in a bit of “gas consultancy work” from time to time and still maintains a strong involvement in his professional bodies but basically took early retirement from regular employment in the Gas industry in July 2012. Having now completed the Safety and Health qualification he was working on Kevin hopes to increasingly delight himself in all sorts of things in parish life. When  not doing church things, rumour has it that Kevin still holds a great fascination for steam engines  or anything to do with railways and can easily be lured onto visits to preserved railways or steam specials on the main line.


Steven Dass (Church Warden) 


P: 07401 802 822






Kevin Isles (Church Warden)


M: 07831 453 312


Steven Dass (Church Warden) 


M: 07401 802 822