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We receive countless testimonies of God’s love and grace in our community. Here are some of the nice things people have said about St Paul’s:


I came to St Paul’s for the first time as a 20 year old, 41 years ago. Probably the most frequent comment made is “you must have seen lots of changes”  obviously I have!

But non so dramatic that immediately spring to mind & I guess this is one of the prime reasons I am still here & it is the congregation who make us unique & it has been my privileged to worship with & get to know people literally from all over the world for which I constantly thank the Lord.

By Graham Cottrell, member since 1972


I have been a member of St Paul’s church since 1978, during which time I have seen enormous changes. One thing, however, has never changed and that is the unusual depth and love of the fellowship. St Paul’s people don’t just say they love you, they actively demonstrate it, standing alongside you with practical help and loving support. Former church members, who have moved away from Slough, say they haven’t found anything quite like it in other churches.  We really are unusually close. It is such a gift. I have lived as a single parent since 1987, but have never felt alone because of the love and support of my church family. I love the fun we all have and the laughter we share in church services, as well as the more serious aspects. The regular church events, such as the Campaigner Sale of Work, are really enjoyable times of fellowship.

St. Paul’s is also seen as a model for outreach to the Asian community. Many churches in similar demographic areas, but populated uniquely by white British Christians, look on St Paul’s with envy. I know this from my own experience of visiting churches in the Birmingham area and elsewhere. I love the way our diverse Christian community enriches the church with its different cultures (and I especially love the samosas and bhajis!). We have much to give each other.

So I am proud and grateful to have been part of St Paul’s all these years. We are fortunate to have in Mike a vicar, who genuinely cares about his congregation and is prepared to spend hours with individuals, often at great personal cost. I pray that St Paul’s will remain the welcoming church it is and will continue to go from strength to strength.

By Soo Short, member since 1978


There is always a friendly welcome group when you enter the church. I have made many good friends since going, especially at the Tuesday fellowship group. Mike is always ready to listen to you if you have a problem.

Lily Bushnell, member since 1988


I look upon St Paul’s as a place where I can meet God with my extended family, with people there to encourage and support me, provide friendship, company, spiritual challenge,  teaching and  complementary skills. It’s also a place where I can give back to God, and share with, pray with, encourage and enable other people. More than this being part of a fellowship is about experiencing and enjoying a shared purpose whilst exploring God’s plan for us in Slough; the richness of any experience multiplies if it can be celebrated and shared. As with any family, we sometimes need to work at relationship and sometimes my “ministry” seems to be a mixture of, peacemaker, enabler, encourager and technical fixer of things gone wrong, or begging to be upgraded! There always plenty of scope in a church like St Paul’s for your gifts to be recognised, used and developed; if you are not already – get involved !

By Kevin Isles, member since September 1990


We have been part of St Paul’s for almost 10 years. The congregation of St Paul’s is multicultural. We belong to an Asian community but the environment at St Paul’s Church is very friendly, loving and gives an equal opportunity for everyone. There is also lots of opportunity for children, teenagers and other congregation members to grow in Christian faith and also to enjoy the social events. St Paul’s also offers a platform for children and teenagers to step up in Christianity. We are grateful to have Mike as a Vicar as he cares for everyone and is very supportive. We also appreciate the rest of the parish workers as they’re always there whenever we need help. We hope and pray that St Paul’s church continues to grow.

By Asif and Nabeela Anwar. Member since 2003


St Paul’s is a church that is working with the true spirit of Jesus Christ. Its doors are open for everyone, regardless of their faith. The Vicar Rev. Mike Cotterell is very nice and loving person especially with the kids and young people.

By Wilson John, member since October 2005


We were looking for a Church in Slough and St. Paul’s was the fourth Church we visited. We came here towards the end of 2007 and immediately felt as home. We loved the style of worship, the music, the Bible based teaching, unity and diversity of the congregation and most of all the friendliness of the Vicar and the people. I thank God for leading us here. We have made many friends and consider St. Paul’s our Spiritual family.

By Leela Jacob, member since 2007


The Church has friendly environment and it is multicultural.

The Church gives opportunity to all to participate in activities.

St Paul has a history of sending missionary to other nation.

By Michael Patil, member since October 2007


Very friendly and welcoming church, under the leadership of Rev. Mike Cotterell

By Victoria Lawuo, member since May 2010


I have been coming to St. Paul’s church since July 2012.  My time at St. Paul’s has been interesting, though at times somewhat turbulent.  In the main this has been due to my having a number of issues to work through over the past year.
St. Paul’s has been very supportive and encouraging in many ways.
I have been made to feel welcome and feel i am able to make my own contribution to the church family as a whole.
I am very thankful to God for all that he has been doing in my life at St. Paul’s.

I am especially grateful to Mike and Barbara, along with many others for all their support.
My prayer is that God will bless all at St. Paul’s.

By Alan Clarkson, member since July 2012


Very inviting and friendly, Vicar always got time for you.

By Richard Dean, member since December 2012