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एशियाई फेलोशिपایشین فیلو شپ

Nadeem & Sarwat Azam have been Parish Workers since 1st September 2011. They work among ethnic minorities in the Parish of St Paul’s. Both have been members of St. Paul’s Church since 2004 when they dedicated their lives to serve the Lord.

The Origins of Asian Ministry at St. Paul’s Church

In April 1988, a Finnish Lutheran missionary came to Slough and started ministering to Ethnic minorities in the Parish of St. Paul. It was the desire of the then Vicar, Rev. Gerald Kaye, to have a couple who would work among Asians who live within the Parish. This role was taken up by Norman and Denise Critchell, who are also Crosslinks Mission partners. Their main emphasis was to build up good relationships and friendships with the Asians, and to make themselves available for help, service and ministry in many ways.
After the Critchells moved on to other ministries, the Parish employed Wilson and Rebecca Gill from 2000 to 2005, then Gilbert & Uzma David from 2005 to July 2011. Both Wilson and Gilbert finished their training for Ordination from the Oxford Diocese and are serving the Lord in the different Dioceses.

For more details about the our ministry to the ethnic minorities in our area, please contact Nadeem Azam our Parish Worker.

Asian Fellowship Group meets on Friday at 8pm in the Gilliat Hall, at the back of St. Paul’s Church on Stoke Road, Slough. There is fellowship meal after the meeting. We are available to pray with you in your home on weekday evenings, from 7pm to 9pm. If you have any special prayer requests please let us know so that member of the Fellowship Group can pray for/with you. Contact Nadeem or Sarwat.