Baptisms for Farsi Fellowship

Last Sunday 15 August we celebrated to baptism of four of our new church members who attend out Farsi Fellowship.

We held the baptisms outside the church after the Sunday Service when The Rt Rev’d Tim Wambunya and Nadeem Azam our Asian Ministry Worker conducted the ceremony.

Nadeem tells us a bit about the event.

“It was really a great and a joyful time, may God bless them in Slough and UK.

For a couple of months, we have held a Farsi Fellowship in our church on Zoom, some people have been moved to away from Slough to other cities by the Home Office, but some are still here in Slough. They join us on Zoom every Tuesday, are new believers and speak very little English. We teach them how to pray and worship; how to read the bible and  we read them short stories from the bible.

Faezah is young woman, who has given her life to Jesus, Suzan is a mother of two young boys (Saeed & Amin) who were baptised at St Paul’s a couple of years ago, Mohammad Amin is a young man who has changed his name to Benyamin (Benjamin) and Muhammad Yousaf is the cousin of Murad who has been a member of our church for the past seven years.

Please keep them in your prayers because it is not only challenge for us, but for them to keep walking in their faith. Please show them friendship by inviting them to events, parties, and spending time with them.

We are planning to start a non-Zoom, in person, Farsi Fellowship soon in St Paul’s Slough in the church. We hope to reach more people, if you would like to help us in this fellowship, please speak to me. We need a good team to organise this weekly Fellowship for them. Thank you

We welcome the newly baptised to St Paul’s, Slough.