St Paul’s reordering and Refurbishment project.

The St Paul's building was built more than 100 years ago, in 1906. Lots has changed over the past century, but much of our building hasn't. It is now being transformed for the 21st century and beyond, to serve our church members and community .

This project started in 2004 with the appointment of an architect and development of a feasibility study. The aim was to:
• present a more welcoming front to the street with glass doors and reduced planting
• make better use of the space in the building
• resolve the previous interlinking of spaces by creating a central lobby leading to the various activity spaces and facilities in the building
• bring the lighting, heating, electrical installation, sound and vision up to contemporary standards and fit for the future

After several variants the current scheme was developed to best meet these requirements within our budget. The scheme creates a new main entrance in the south wall of the side chapel with the chapel and chancel becoming a new foyer and hub for the building and reducing the chancel and chapel floor levels so the whole interior is at the same level. The nave remains as the worship space with a new dais and seating facing North. This creates more usable space and a better organised building. The new lounge/foyer has a fully equipped servery for after-church refreshments, a new meeting room, toilets, Church office with a storage room above, and doors to the choir vestry leading to the the hall at the back. New underfloor heating, lighting, electrics, flooring and audio-visual system creates a building equipped for the next 100 years!

The project was funded through the sale of a separate church hall site and a part share in a house, together with significant parishioner giving and a donation from a local Trust which has long supported St Paul’s financially.

The photographs show stages of construction from the original to the current nearing completion, together with an architects walk through simulation which closely resembles the final plan.

If you would like to donate to this project or to see our fundraising progress, please CLICK HERE to visit our dedicated fundraising page.