Celebrating Easter at St Paul's

Easter is the biggest celebration in the Christian calendar and we at St Paul’s decided we are not going to let the covid lockdown dampen our spirits. We organised a Zoom Easter Party on Monday 5th April 2021 which included an egg hunt for families followed by the Party online. The party included a Mocktail making activity followed by a quiz, scavenger hunt and loads of other fun activities.

St Paul’s has recently undergone a huge building project that was completed in 2020 and we also welcomed our new Vicar Tim Wumbanya. We have always been a Multicultural Church but Tim’s vision for St Paul’s is to be an intercultural church. Hence, we decided to end our Easter party with an Intercultural dance tutorial with everyone joining in the dance performance on Zoom.

I (Lara) originate from (Mumbai) India and I am a Bollywood dance tutor. I choreographed a few Indian steps to the popular worship song ‘You are the way’ by Soul Survivor. Carina is a professional fitness instructor who is born and brought up in Slough. She choreographed a few steps to represent the English congregation and included the popular ‘greased lightening’ step for the chorus in the song. Gbemi originates from Nigeria and relocated to the UK in 2019 so she is relatively new to St Paul’s. She choreographed some groovy African steps to the routine.

The three of us met at a Church member’s garden on a warm spring afternoon. It was lovely to catch up with each other and have fun as we learnt each other’s dance steps. We did some last-minute impromptu changes to our choreography and recorded the routine in one take. Carina and I had met Gbemi for the first time, but it did not feel like it as we prayed, laughed, and danced together.

We then played our dance video recording at the Zoom Party and all the Church members followed our steps and joined in the grand finale to our intercultural Easter party. We truly demonstrated through our dance that even though we were of different colour, background, and culture, we were all united in Christ

Lara Deen

Lara Deen

Pastorates Promotion Committee Team Leader