The Lost Mask

Submitted by David Bushnell

I just wanted to share this small anecdote that happened to me.

I have had a blue face mask which I have used since the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It has been with me to London, High Wycombe, Staines and around Slough where I live.

Today I thought that I had lost it for good. I had to use another mask because I couldn’t find it. It reminded me of the lost sheep that the shepherd looked for and never gave up on it until he found it.

I searched high and low but to no avail. I picked up my couch cushions. I looked in all my coat pockets, my trouser pockets. Not there. Surely if I persevered I would find it. Then I moved a small book that I use for reminders. I lifted it up and there was my face mask that I thought I had lost for good.

It reminded me of the Prodigal Son who was welcomed back with open arms. It was like I had lost something sentimental with my mask and I wanted to celebrate its return. 

They say sometimes the small unimportant things mean the most to you. And it reminded me that God looks down on you when you believe in him. 

This can be one of the hardest parts of life but I always try to do it in my personal life though not always successful, but I keep on going and hope that forgiveness becomes the norm in society.